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An Endless Journey
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Subject: My religious belief

My religious belief

My religious believe is Islam. I believe Islam is the best way to pray to God. I feel peaceful to be a Muslim. It makes me feel strong among society as a person.
For me as a woman, I get respected to the fullest. I like it when I get to wear my cloth to cover all over my body. Its because as a Muslim you want to cover all part of body. It’s not meant to be see by the public, because of what other people think or more like intimidation. It only meant to be see by the men or husband that going to be married to you for life. The cloth we wear is call Qur’an. And the Qur’an tells both women and men to be modest. I some societies even he women’s face was cover. The Qur’an tells men that they should not wear silk or gold jewelry to show off their wealth. Clothing should not attract attention or be worn to show off. Clothing must cover the entire body. Only the hands and face may remain visible. The material must not to be thin that one can see through it. Clothing must hang loose so that he shape of the body is not shown off. The woman’s clothing must not resemble the man’s clothing resemble the woman’s. Women shouldn’t artificially lengthen their hair with wigs or weaves, nor have tattoos. A Muslim should not wear clothing to look like a non-Muslim. For example, the Persians were known for wearing red, many silk robes and their men’s robes had long trains which dragged behind them. The Prophet Muhammad was against Muslims copying these styles. Men’s robes or shirts should extend down from halfway below the shin but over he ankles, but not so long as to trail behind on the ground. While praying in mosque, clothing should be plain and not be distracting. A man’s hair might be criticized if it was shoulder-length or longer, the Prophet Muhammad preferred men to wear their hair neat and cut a little below the ears.
Islam is so important to me because Allah revealed Islam to all the Prophets throughout the history of mankind. Islam is therefore the religion of Allah to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, David, Jacob, Solomon, Moses Jesus and Muhammad. Islam means peace and submission with peace to Allah. Any person who wants to live in peace and harmony should submit to God with peace, then and only then will people live in tranquility, thy will not be mentally disturbed, violent, etc. there will not be child abuse or women battering, etc. Islam came to Christian, Jews, Pagans, Agnostic, Hindus, etc. to bring them back to the root of religions, i.e. to make them go back to obeying Allah.
A case about court case on Islam is ‘Christian women refuses license picture Versus Muslim woman doing same’. This Christian woman said that she did not want her face to appear on her Nebrasa driver’s license, from a law review article, called “ Rejecting the case against free exercise Exemption”
However, to be a woman is not an easy job. So you have to be clean at all time.

I think we should learn about different religious in school because if it wasn’t no religious we will not be in this world. We should be able to experience and learn our peers religious values.

posted by mimi @ 11:03 AM | c1mnts

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